Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Funny Kid Picture

Hey mom don't leave me. I'll be good

He Really Wants a Cookie

Too Funny

Funny Vintage Dating Picture

who told?

Funny Sayings

 Wouldn't that be sweet???

Funny Vintage Picture

I hope that this is a midget

Funny Kitten Picture

This cracks me up

My Idea of a Diet

If only you could lose weight this way

Funny Vintage Image

Oh just let them open it already. We have the brains let them have the brawn. 

Little Black Dress

Very nice!

Audrey Hepburn Picture

Did this woman ever take a bad picture in her life? She is amazing.

Smoking Picture

Remember when this was cool?
where is my afternoon martini?

Beautiful Girl Thinking

This is such a beautiful picture of this girl.

Cute Kitten Picture

Just hanging around.

Little Black Dress

Isn't this fabulous?

My niece would love this

This room was in a contest for interior design. They call it Big Girls Room. I know when my niece sees this she will want to start redecorating immediately.

Funny Dog Picture

This is hysterical!